Shortlist Team Hosts Kids’ Movie Night!

Kids of SOS Children’s Village got a one-of-a-kind Cinema Under The Stars experience,
all set up with love by the Shortlist team!

To make this night extra special for the kids, we came extra prepared!

Salty Popcorn

Great Movie

(Dr. Doolittle)

Tasty Drinks

Here’s how Cinema Under The Stars came to be:

The Birth of An Idea

With COVID-19 restrictions and limited opportunities for fun, we thought... what could bring a bit of laughter back into the hearts of those who needed it the most? Thus, our “Cinema Under The Stars” idea was born.

Where’s the foooood?

What’s a movie without popcorn and drinks? We made sure the kids had their popcorn and drinks ready. That way, they could have the perfect cinema experience - and get their munchies satisfied!

Aaaah, this is more like it...

Soft and plump lounge chairs on a grass field? Check! Huge cinema screen? Check! Perfect for a comfy movie night.

Shortlist Team, at your service!

Our team in Skopje, North Macedonia, was busy all month trying to make this event happen. And they did it! It was a real pleasure to be there and have fun with the kids.

So… what did the kids think?

ODr. Doolittle proved to be the perfect movie choice for them and we were thrilled they watched it so carefully. Yes, we got the warm fuzzies seeing their happy faces.

Will we do this again?

Absolutely! The event was a success. With goodwill, dedication, and the right dose of creativity, we proved that we could make something like this possible.

Why are we doing this?

After months of COVID-19 lockdown, these kids finally had a few fun hours filled with a great movie, delicious popcorn, and tasty drinks.

We’re proud to have played a part in creating priceless memories like these for them. And we would do it again in a heartbeat.