Scale your agency's linkbuilding
without expensive APIs

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Get access to the same SEO metrics you’re used to while saving hundreds of dollars a month not paying for unnecessary, unused quota. 

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Shortlist Metrics can help you fast track your link building with SEO data that matters

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Build your database

Quickly import your personal list of websites and effortlessly review their metrics

link quality metrics

All SEO metrics are enhanced with Majestic data via API

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Easily export your link prospecting results to launch your campaign right away

Use your preferred outreach, tracking, and reporting software.

You import the link opportunities, we tell you if they're any good.

Instantly identify the best websites for your link building campaigns by simply looking at their Shortlist Ranking.

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Shortlist ranks websites into three categories


Solid link opps suitable for most websites.


High-quality opps for mature established sites.


The creme de la creme of sites.

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OR incorporate your own categorization...

For years we’ve focused on a few key SEO metrics to determine which sites we work with. 

Shortlist Metrics is the internal tool we built to quickly identify which sites passed. 

Now you can use it too, and follow our guidelines, or create your own. 

Campaigns you can run with Shortlist Metrics

Choose what works for you below

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200 website searches / monthly

lifetime deal

$99 /one-time payment

1,500 Website Searches / Monthly

Lifetime Deal – A Game-Changer for Your SEO Campaigns

Our Lifetime Deal is not just an offer; it’s an investment in your SEO future. With Shortlist Metrics, you gain access to a tool that evolves with your needs, ensuring you’re always ahead in the fast-paced world of SEO.

What's Included in the Lifetime Deal?

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