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Technical & SEO Audit

A comprehensive technical SEO audit to ensure your client’s website is ready

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Tehnical Audit

What’s plaguing your website?

Worried there’s an “invisible force” holding back your website?

Concerned that years of bandaid solutions and hot fixes may have left your site with a little too much duct tape under the hood?

Websites are full of potential waiting to be discovered. This is where steps in. We identify and provide clear guidelines on how to rectify the hidden issues affecting performance to unleash the full potential of any website.

Over a systematic review period, we delve into the technical and SEO aspects of the website, ensuring every element is tuned and functioning correctly. We lay a solid foundation for the website’s SEO, optimize the crawl budget, and ensure a good user and search engine experience. With, it’s not just about getting an audit; it’s about discovering a pathway for improved web performance.

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Our Process

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At, we are all about thoroughness and precision.
With the audit, we aim to identify and provide a full report of the technical and SEO issues that may keep your client’s website from reaching its full potential.

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Comprehensive Site Exploration

We kick off with a comprehensive site exploration to assess both the technical framework and SEO health of the website.

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Audit Result Examination

We identify inconsistencies against established benchmarks, isolate performance hindrances, and detect technical errors that could adversely affect the website’s SEO and user experience.

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Marketer & Developer Resolutions

We offer solutions from an SEO specialist and developer standpoint to tackle the identified challenges hindering the website’s performance.

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Audit Finding Presentation

Once we analyze the audit insights, we categorize them and compile them in a structured SEO Audit report, ready for review.

Structured Plan of Action

And finally, we craft a detailed action blueprint to address the discovered issues. We put the optimization plan into action, making changes that will help boost the website’s performance online.



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Achieving a Perfect 100 Ahrefs SEO Audit Score for a Client’s Website with 97,569 Pages

Keyword research, implementation, trending on-site content, website performance and security, and of course, user-friendly design are all part of the elements that

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a technical SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the process of evaluating how well your website is optimized for search engines. It identifies errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities that can help you gain more visibility. An SEO audit covers areas like indexing and crawlability.

A technical SEO audit serves as a catalyst for enhancing a website’s search engine performance. It enables a thorough understanding of a website’s technical and SEO standings, unearths opportunities for improved rankings, and aligns the site with the best SEO practices.

It’s advisable to collaborate with your clients to enact the recommended alterations, which might encompass optimizing existing web elements, rectifying technical issues, and enhancing on-page SEO factors.

The duration needed for a technical SEO audit is contingent on the size of the website and the extent of analysis required. It can span anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How Do Pricing and Billing Work?

Pricing is determined based on the scope of the project. You can select one of the listed packages or we can provide you with a detailed quote after discussing your specific requirements. Billing details will be outlined in our agreement, typically with specific milestones and payment schedules.

Is ongoing support and consultation part of the package?

Yes, we extend ongoing support and consultation to ensure you grasp the research findings, effectively implement strategies for your client, and adapt to the evolving market trends.

What encompasses a white-label technical SEO audit?

A white-label technical SEO audit entails a thorough analysis aimed at assessing the technical and SEO effectiveness of your client’s website. This audit is designed to furnish actionable insights, all while being branded under your agency’s banner.

White-labeling technical SEO audits allows you to extend invaluable SEO services to your clients without the necessity for in-house SEO specialists. This broadens your service offerings and opens up new avenues for revenue.

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