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One of our main services is white hat link building. We essentially write guest posts and link to you, removing the onerous tasks of doing prospecting, outreach, writing, etc. Get high-quality, in-content guest post links on authority sites to boost your rankings!


We only work with quality writers. All our writers have native-level English proficiency


When we run into websites that don’t pass all of our metrics, we manually review them


Our articles average 850 words and we require a minimum of 650 words


Authoritative websites and blogs, only. No spam, no PBNs, no black hat


Clean Link Building Done For you

Choose the package that suits your needs based on Domain Authority or Traffic.

These wonderful companies have been with us from the beginning.

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What our clients say

Trustpilot Testimonial Stars

Shortlist has been a great help for our SEO efforts

Shortlist has been a great help for our SEO efforts, all while requiring minimal oversight / guidance from us. Our organic traffic has improved due to their blogging and backlinking efforts, and their communication is stellar. I have …

David Anderson


Trustpilot Testimonial Stars

Working with Shortlist was a great experience

Working with Shortlist was a great experience. We needed a way to build high quality backlinks to our content and Shortlist did it in a way that was both time efficient and cost effective…



Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

We guarantee them for 12 months.
There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be “forever.”
But we can’t have people coming back to us in 3 years asking for a refund because someone decided to shut down their site.
So, 12 months seem reasonable.

You can order as few or as many as you want

We personally don’t own any sites that we work with.
Our standards are designed to weed out low quality websites, PBNs, etc.
Regardless, we cannot guarantee that the site is not somebody’s PBN, as that’s very hard to tell.

Yes you can, and for new clients we will often send some samples as part of the onboarding of what we are thinking. However as the relationship develops, in general, we try to focus on delivering the links without review because it interrupts the flow and slows down delivery. Of course, if you don’t like a site, then we will simply replace it. 

On occasion, yes.
Some bloggers request money for the time it takes to review the article and post it, which in our opinion is fair.
This is not disclosed in the article.

For a standard order of around 5-10 links our goal is around 4 weeks. Occasionally for larger orders (20+), or when a client has been with us for some time, it can take a bit of extra time. But links are updated in real-time and in most cases the remaining part of the order is at least in progress. 

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