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We create a 90-day content calendar filled with blog posts, written by us.

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About Content Strategy

Where is your roadmap taking you?

Or do you even have one?
A lot of us think we need to be blogging – someone once told us that.

But writing articles and content strategy are not the same thing, not by a long shot. One is an exercise in creativity while the other is a results oriented approach to organic growth – I’ll let you guess which one’s which.

Writing just for the sake of it is often a terrible use of marketing budgets. You need to do keyword research and a competitor analysis. You need to have a clear prioritization of what articles you’re going to be writing, when, and how they’ll look. You need to be evaluating all finished products to ensure it’s SEO optimized.

Or, if that sounds daunting, you can have us do it.
We’ll do the research. We’ll create the strategy. We’ll write the articles. Read on to learn how!

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Our Process

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Keyword Research

Identifying high-ranking keywords and relevant long-tail opportunities across your entire funnel.

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Competitor Analysis & Content Gap Analysis

Analyzing competitors to uncover gaps in your existing content that need to be filled.

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Topic Selection

Choosing engaging topics aligned with top-ranking keywords, tailored to the audience’s interests.

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Article Outlines

Creating detailed and structured outlines to serve as a clear roadmap for writers to craft well-organized, coherent articles.

Content Calendar & Dedicated Trello Board

Constructing a 90-day content calendar with clear prioritization for the writers to follow.

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SEO Optimization

Optimize written content with SurferSEO for better search engine visibility, ensuring the right keyword density and meta tags are in place.


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A carefully crafted content strategy is paramount to ensuring you are addressing all parts of the funnel (top, medium, and bottom), while

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Content Strategy


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Recommended 4 articles per month,
~1500 words each

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keyword research integral to SEO?

Keyword research is the starting point for SEO as it finds the exact words and phrases the audience uses to search for the brands’ offerings.By adjusting a website to include these keywords, online visibility can be improved, and the right visitors can be attracted, setting the stage for better sales and conversions.

Explaining the value of keyword research to your clients can be achieved by highlighting its direct impact on their online visibility and business goals. You can emphasize that keyword research helps in understanding what terms their target audience is using, which in turn guides content creation to match these queries, leading to better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs)​.

How Do Pricing and Billing Work?

Pricing is determined based on the scope of the project. You can select one of the listed packages or we can provide you with a detailed quote after discussing your specific requirements. Billing details will be outlined in our agreement, typically with specific milestones and payment schedules.

Is ongoing support and consultation part of the package?

Yes, we extend ongoing support and consultation to ensure you grasp the research findings, effectively implement keyword strategies for your client, and adapt to the evolving market trends.

Can I personalize the keyword research reports with my branding?

Absolutely; our white-label keyword research service is tailored to allow incorporation of your branding elements like logos, company name, and contact information, making the reports appear as a product of your in-house expertise.

Yes, our keyword research service is built, so it can be sold, without mentioning that the keyword research is created from our end.

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