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We audit and optimize your existing blog posts to help them rank better

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About Content Audit

So, you’ve got lots of content…

But is it working for you?

In all likelihood, there are a lot of articles on your blog that are effectively deadweight. They weigh down your website and take up valuable real estate – but they aren’t generating quality traffic.

Let’s audit that.

Let’s make sure that each piece of content earns its right to be on your site, and if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean we have to throw it away. It just means that we have to give it a make over; a new title, a new meta description, maybe add or subtract text.

The result is a fully optimized blog filled with content that is working for you and not against you.

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Google Analytics

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Google Search Console

Our Process

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Identify content that is underperforming relative to other articles or its own past performance.

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Prioritize which articles should be addressed first, based on potential to generate traffic.

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Optimize content using insights from SurferSEO by improving titles, meta data, article structure and content.



Reevaluate each article in SurferSEO to ensure it has notably improved, and republish it in all its glory.


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A carefully crafted content strategy is paramount to ensuring you are addressing all parts of the funnel (top, medium, and bottom), while

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Our Pricing Options, Suited for Your Needs


1-10 Articles


+ $0.135 per word for any added or removed content

11-25 Articles


+ $0.130 per word for any added or removed content

25+ Articles


+ $0.125 per word for any added or removed content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keyword research integral to SEO?

Keyword research is the starting point for SEO as it finds the exact words and phrases the audience uses to search for the brands’ offerings.By adjusting a website to include these keywords, online visibility can be improved, and the right visitors can be attracted, setting the stage for better sales and conversions.

Explaining the value of keyword research to your clients can be achieved by highlighting its direct impact on their online visibility and business goals. You can emphasize that keyword research helps in understanding what terms their target audience is using, which in turn guides content creation to match these queries, leading to better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs)​.

How Do Pricing and Billing Work?

Pricing is determined based on the scope of the project. You can select one of the listed packages or we can provide you with a detailed quote after discussing your specific requirements. Billing details will be outlined in our agreement, typically with specific milestones and payment schedules.

Is ongoing support and consultation part of the package?

Yes, we extend ongoing support and consultation to ensure you grasp the research findings, effectively implement keyword strategies for your client, and adapt to the evolving market trends.

Can I personalize the keyword research reports with my branding?

Absolutely; our white-label keyword research service is tailored to allow incorporation of your branding elements like logos, company name, and contact information, making the reports appear as a product of your in-house expertise.

Yes, our keyword research service is built, so it can be sold, without mentioning that the keyword research is created from our end.

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