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The hourly rate for our keyword research services is $23 per hour. Our total rate per project ultimately corresponds to how many pages your site has.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First page results on Google get 91.5% of views. And SEO is the practice that encompasses everything that has to do with trying to get your website to show up on this coveted spot.

Content strategy is an important building block of SEO. 

Its goal is to determine the right topics, keywords, and structure that will provide the most accurate and satisfying answers to your target users’ topmost queries.

The more accurate your answer is and the better it solves your target users’ pain points, the better your chances are of getting rewarded by Google in the form of higher rankings.

Keyword research is an important SEO task that maximizes your chances of getting to page 1 on Google.

The goal of keyword research is to identify the most popular words, questions, and phrases that your target audience uses. This data is then used to build the foundation of your content strategy. 

You also want to find related keywords so you’ll cover all related questions included in your main topic. 

Google rewards the most accurate and useful content that provides the best answers to your target users. With sound keyword research, you’ll know exactly how to create and structure content that meets these requirements.

There are plenty of ways. The most common are:

– How much traffic your website receives

– How many keywords you are ranking on Google’s page 1 for

– How many continuous conversions you get from organic sources (no ads, affiliates, or referrals)

Depending on how saturated and competitive the niche is, it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to a year.

Our clients come from varying industries with different levels of difficulty. So, we cannot offer any definite guarantees.

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