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SEO Strategies

Even though most Philadelphia SEO companies promise the same things, the SEO strategies used to reach the top results in Google vary significantly.

Shortlist stands out as an SEO company in Philadelphia because we take an entirely different approach, steering clear of any gray marketing areas. We also don’t avoid highly-competitive keywords because we know our SEO strategies work and are actually endorsed by Google.

You get tailor-made strategies designed to fit your goals, making sure your website will be in the best position to rank for even the most competitive keywords in your market. Here are the steps we go through with all of our clients to get them ranked above the competition.

Lets develop something great

What it means:
Keywords are at the heart of a successful SEO campaign. If you don’t select the right keywords, even the most effective SEO strategies will become worthless because the traffic you gain won’t convert into paying customers.

At Shortlist, our process involves getting to know your industry and identifying the most impactful search queries your ideal customers are likely to type in. Because of our foolproof methods for optimizing your website and gaining backlinks, even the most competitive keywords will be conquered, providing you with a steady stream of top-quality traffic and leads for your business.

What it means:
On-site SEO is an integral part of ranking on Google and other search engines. Your website needs to have a logical structure and follow the best practices of user experience to compete with modern websites.

We’ll set up and optimize your meta tags, headings, alt tags, internal linking, and various other aspects that help Google crawl bots understand your website and rank it for the right keywords.

What it means:
Backlinks are at the forefront of our services. Even though you will get comprehensive SEO services, our most impactful solutions revolve around getting you top-quality backlinks from local and authoritative websites that will put you on the map for even the most competitive keywords.

The main difference between the way we build backlinks and most other providers is that we only use white hat link-building techniques that are approved and even endorsed by Google. Our native-level writers create engaging content that gets published on the top websites that are manually reviewed by us, and then those articles link back to your pages, providing you with valuable backlinks that get you higher rankings and more targeted traffic.

What it means:
Citations are one of the most critical parts of local SEO. Even though they can be relatively simple to manage, you still need to understand how to set them up to ensure your business name, address, contact information, and other business details are consistent and correct throughout different sites on the web.

We’ll take over the entire citation management process and ensure that when your customers see your business online, the information that’s displayed is correct and up-to-date.

What it means:
Technical SEO is one of the most challenging parts of SEO. Mastering different aspects like Schema Markup, redirects, and indexing require in-depth technical knowledge that business owners simply don’t have the time to study.

Our team of SEO experts can ensure that your website functions according to Google’s guidelines. We’ll help you optimize your site’s performance and loading speeds to eliminate any roadblocks that could prevent attaining the top spots for the target keywords.

What it means:
Each page on your website is a representation of your company. And that goes not just for the visitors that come to your site but for Google as well.

We’ll help you ensure that the target keywords are sufficiently present in all the content and landing pages you want to rank for, crystalizing the core purpose of each page and ensuring that it’s easy to recognize.

What it means:
The only way to know whether an SEO strategy is working is to have a way to measure results. And with monthly updates and easy-to-follow reporting, keeping track of the progress will be a breeze.

At the same time, monitoring and tracking your improvements will allow us to zero in on the keywords that are showing the most promise and prioritize ranking pages that are providing you with the best ROI.

What it means:
Keeping track of what your main competitors are doing is essential for taking advantage of the best ranking opportunities in your niche. It can show you the weak points in your competition’s SEO strategies and also give you ideas for what aspects of their approach you could implement yourself.

At Shortlist, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive outlook of your competition, which will allow you to understand your market’s landscape. We’ll also compile all the information necessary to build an effective strategy that results in ranking for the best keywords faster.

Let’s Make Something Great

Benefits of Working With Us

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Shortlist has quickly built a reputation as a trustworthy SEO company in Philadelphia that consistently delivers extraordinary results for clients. In 2020, we didn’t have a single refund for the work we provided, and a big part of that is the level of personalization and customization we bring to every campaign we work on.Let’s explore a few of the main benefits that will help you achieve your SEO goals.

Custom SEO Strategy

Each business is different. And so is each industry, target audience, and product. That’s why, when it comes to SEO, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Instead, we work with each client to understand their needs, industry, audience, and goals. We take a thorough look at your competitors and focus on creating a custom SEO strategy that gives you the best chance of ranking for the top Philadelphia keywords in your niche.

Our SEO strategy is not just about getting top results, although that's an important part. Once we establish goals, you’ll also get a reliable way to track performance, allowing you to zero in on the best strategies, keywords, and traffic sources for your business.

Technical Expertise

The world of SEO is constantly changing. To stay ahead of the competition and continue improving your rankings, you need someone who has their finger on the pulse of the SEO industry on your side.

At Shortlist, we’ve been around for a while and have executed successful SEO campaigns in countless different scenarios. When you choose us, you can rest assured that the technical SEO aspects will be taken care of and your site will be in the best position to succeed, both in the short and the long term.

Experienced Developers, Marketers, and Copywriters

When you work with Shortlist, you get to leverage the expertise and creative solutions of our developers, marketers, copywriters, and other team members.

Our team of highly skilled professionals has refined the process to be as efficient and high-value as possible, producing engaging and relevant content that gets published on the top local sites in Philadelphia and the most authoritative websites online. In fact, because of our quality standards, we reject 90% of the blogs that accept guest posts, only working with those that can make the biggest long-lasting impact.

Regular Reporting

Reporting is an indispensable part of SEO. It’s the only way to ensure that your SEO efforts are moving in the right direction and that you’re focusing on the right strategies and keywords.

That’s why the team at Shortlist will provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis, showing you exactly what’s happening and what you can expect in the future. With regular reporting, we can continually tweak your strategy to always put the highest-ROI strategies at the forefront of what we’re doing.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We believe in our SEO methods and practices. And that’s why we back them up with a robust 12-month backlink guarantee or your money back. Our team of Philadelphia SEO company experts will work with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your SEO goals and steadily improve your rankings for the top Philadelphia-based keywords in your niche.

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