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Shortlist was started in 2018, and since then, has been on a mission not only to achieve great client results in digital strategy but also to make a positive impact in our communities.

From the beginning, we have experimented with various ways of donating money and volunteering. This page serves as a summary of our efforts over the years.

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Our efforts through the years







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Carbon offset and planting trees, one employee at a time

Nature is something that our team holds very close to heart (Macedonia has a lot of mountains and forests).

So, as a team of environmentalists, we saw an opportunity through Stripe’s climate program which allowed us to donate a proceed of our processed revenue to their climate initiatives.

Each month, around 1% of proceeds went into the program and during the time we were active we donated $7,180.

We contributed to more than 40 different promising projects fighting for the same cause, taking a significant step forward in our quest for a cleaner world.







Bean Bags



Cinema Under the Stars at the SOS Children’s Village in Skopje

During the COVID pandemic opportunities for in-person volunteering were limited, but fortunately, we were able to connect with a local orphanage in Skopje to plan an outdoor, cinema themed event.

We called it “cinema under the stars” and partnered with SOS Children’s Village in Skopje.

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Besides providing a warm home, love, and care for many children and young individuals, this organization helps numerous families at risk to prevent child separation, young people gain employment, and establish their own small businesses.

They have successfully conducted numerous training sessions to strengthen young individuals’ employment prospects and have been instrumental in helping many achieve independence.

As the SOS Children’s Village values partnerships, we were eager to start ours, so we contacted them and agreed to organize a one-of-a-kind night for the kids to enjoy.

We rented a movie projector and a cinema screen, bought 40 colorful bean bags, and set up a makeshift open-air cinema on their football field.

After months of lockdown, these kids finally had a few fun hours filled with great movies, delicious popcorn, and tasty drinks!

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The Gift of Empowerment

Guided by the vision of an “equal and active world of people,” OTW has embarked on a mission to utilize assistive technology as a lever to uplift and empower. Their work is not just about providing access but also about enabling participation, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their limitations, can actively and fruitfully engage in the digital world.

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A Journey Towards Inclusion

The impact of OTW’s work is profound and through their efforts, individuals with disabilities have been able to explore new horizons, from pursuing education and careers to engaging in social activities online. Assistive technologies, such as screen readers, voice recognition software, and adaptive hardware, have been instrumental in breaking down the barriers that once isolated them from the digital world.

From humble beginnings to meaningful connections

As an agency, we understand the importance of conveying a strong message in the right way so we decided to assist and redesign OTW’s quarterly newsletter. This effort went beyond just making it look better; it was a thoughtful strategy to help share their successes and stories more effectively with their audience, increasing engagement, support, and awareness about their work. The updated design made the newsletter more attractive and better represented OTW’s commitment to innovation and digital inclusion.

As time went by we also focused on improving OTW’s website, going beyond just design to tackle technical issues. The team volunteered to fix problems, upload important documents, and make necessary changes, ensuring the website was strong, easy to use, and full of useful information.

This direct support was crucial in helping OTW achieve its goal of promoting their work, the assistive technology usage, and digital inclusion.

And we didn’t stop there; we also made real-life contributions. We donated desks, which helped the organization when it expanded into new offices. This wasn’t just giving furniture; it was about helping them easily create a place where learning, creativity, and growth could flourish for OTW’s participants.

And last but certainly not least we had to do something and make their holiday season more special and joyful. We decided to find out what these kids wanted to get from Santa and give it to them. This act of giving was more than just presenting gifts; we wanted to make the children happy and feel included. It highlights that we know that supporting OTW means not just improving technology and education but also caring for the children’s happiness and well-being.

Building Bridges, One Donation at a Time

Shortlist’s donation is a financial boost for OTW, as well as a testament to our belief in the power of technology to bridge divides and create a more inclusive society. The funds are earmarked to support multiple initiatives at OTW, including the acquisition of cutting-edge assistive technologies, training programs for individuals with disabilities, and awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of digital inclusion.

We hope that our partnership illuminates the path forward, highlighting the role of technology not just as a driver of economic growth, but as a fundamental pillar of social equity. As OTW continues to break down barriers with the support of its benefactors, its mission resonates more profoundly than ever.

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Story of one user of their services

One of the most remarkable stories of transformation involves a young girl named Ana. Born with a physical disability that severely limited her mobility, Ana’s world was confined to the boundaries of her home. However, through OTW’s intervention, she received an adaptive computer setup that allowed her to interact with the world in ways she never thought possible. Today, Ana is an avid digital artist, using specialized software to create stunning visual art. Her story is a powerful illustration of how technology can liberate individuals from the constraints of their physical conditions, enabling them to express themselves and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

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