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A complete hands-off solution for your content strategy starts with keyword research, followed by content writing, and finished with article publication.
What We Do

We create SEO optimized content that gets you the best results

The proper content strategy utilizes an end-to-end solution starting with keyword research, followed by content optimization, and finished with article publication.

Every decision will be based on our Keyword Research Analysis which will enable us to identify the most relevant informational keywords for your business. We will analyze the current keyword map and identify untapped opportunities in your industry to drive sales leads and revenue.

What You Get

Your dedicated content strategy team

We know how important having a streamlined process is as well as having an evaluation for every content marketing campaign. That’s why we provide every client with a dedicated team to oversee the strategy and make sure it’s executed properly in a timely manner. Your content marketing team will consist of the following key members:

Project Manager

Dedicated Writer

In-house and client-dedicated editor

How It Works

Our Process

Project management is handled through the Trello app, which provides a detailed, visual overview of the entire pipeline.

Out of the comprehensive Keyword Research Analysis, we create the Content Calendar for the upcoming month/s. We proceed with a breakdown of each article title, primary and secondary keywords as well as outline suggestions.

You can monitor the progress of each and every article, having the opportunity to leave suggestions about the directions the article is taking.

Premium Tools

Content Optimization


We use premium third-party tools to ensure readability and search engine optimization based on our target keyword (Frase) and to optimize headlines for the click-through rate (Headline Studio).


We handle the formatting and publishing of each article on your blog while covering all of the on-page SEO elements needed, so the whole process is entirely hands-off.


Content Strategy & Writing Done For You

Choose the package that suits your needs based on Domain Authority or Traffic.

These wonderful companies have been with us from the beginning.

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What our clients say

Trustpilot Testimonial Stars

Easy to work with.

Excellent content agency that’s very easy to work with. Marija and Viktor are great!


Edwin Plotts


Trustpilot Testimonial Stars

Great reliable content marketing partner

Shortlist delivered great results for different projects that we had together – from keyword research, content creation and building authority backlinks for my website. The whole team is super responsive and collaborative, especially Evgen and Darko, who did an amazing job with organizing everything and delivering results.




Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

We guarantee them for 12 months.
There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be “forever.”
But we can’t have people coming back to us in 3 years asking for a refund because someone decided to shut down their site.
So, 12 months seem reasonable.

You can order as few or as many as you want

We personally don’t own any sites that we work with.
Our standards are designed to weed out low quality websites, PBNs, etc.
Regardless, we cannot guarantee that the site is not somebody’s PBN, as that’s very hard to tell.

We discourage this because it interrupts the flow and slows down delivery.
That is why we have a rigorous review process so you can trust us to choose the right sites for you.

On occasion, yes.
Some bloggers request money for the time it takes to review the article and post it, which in our opinion is fair.
This is not disclosed in the article.

For a standard order of around 5-10 links our goal is around 6 weeks.
This is due to the amount of time it takes to secure the opportunities, write the article, and communicate with the blogger.
Regardless, we send updates at the beginning of each month.

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