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Website Maintenance & Optimization

Entrust your website to a team of professional developers who specialize in making your site optimized, up to date, and protected.

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Who's Driving Your Website?

Your website is like your car – it needs regular tune ups and oil changes. So, who’s behind the wheel, making sure that it’s been seen by a mechanic and is passing inspection?

When neglected, a website becomes a digital back alley instead of a thriving online hub. Think rust, decay, and blockage. It’s not just about looks (it probably looks fine); it’s about losing your audience’s interest, sliding down search engine rankings, and struggling through technical hiccups.

Choose brilliance, opt for optimization, embrace maintenance – let us help your site drive smoothly!

Our Timeline & Process

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Client Discovery

Collecting the necessary credentials for client’s website – and web hosting, and domain hosting if needed.

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Performance Review

Providing client with comprehensive performance review with actionable insights.

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Plan of Action

Client approves the plan of action, followed by an agreement on the timeframe for implementation.

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Website Optimization

Start of the website optimization on staging environment.


Deployment of the staging environment to production, coupled with a backup of the production website.

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To ensure the website stays optimized and healthy, client can decide to subscribe to our maintenance package.

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Our Services

Audit of current website performance

Making a comprehensive assessment of the website’s current performance using industry standard tools for measuring performance. Assessment includes: Core Web Vitals, user experience, page load times, and other related technical aspects that can be improved so that the website functions at its peak.

Examining website’s SSL configuration, DNS settings, encryption ciphers, and malware status, as well as ensuring the proper handling of mixed security content

Assessing and updating the website’s themes and plugins, while eliminating unnecessary, to guarantee their optimization for performance, security, and alignment with the latest web standards.  (WordPress websites)

Decluttering and optimizing the website’s database to improve efficiency, reduce data redundancy, and enhance overall website speed. (WordPress websites)

Identifying and removing code that prevents web pages from rendering quickly, allowing for faster loading times and improved user experience.

Eliminating unnecessary code to reduce website’s load time and memory usage, and to overall improve Core Web Vitals.

Recommendations for web hosting services or configurations that can better accommodate the website’s needs.

Optimization of static assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files to minimize file sizes, reduce server requests, and expedite page loading times, ultimately enhancing the website’s performance.

Website core updates

Regularly updating the website’s platform version, plugins and themes to their latest versions to ensure compatibility, security, and seamless user experience.

Creating backups of the website’s database and files prior to updates, or as a precautionary measure before any major change on the website, allowing for easy restoration in case of data loss or website issues.

Conducting database cleanup when necessary to keep website performance optimized by removing unnecessary data and improving overall efficiency.

Identifying and resolving problems that may arise due to issues with plugins, malware infections, or server-related issues, ensuring the website remains functional and secure.

Continuously monitoring the website’s performance, identifying bottlenecks and slow-loading pages, and implementing solutions to enhance speed and user experience.

Examining website’s SSL configuration, DNS settings, encryption ciphers, and malware status, as well as ensuring the proper handling of mixed security content

Constantly monitoring the website’s availability and uptime, promptly identifying and addressing downtime issues to ensure the site remains accessible to users.

Two Service Options, Depending On Your Needs


Website Maintenance

Monthly commitment to ensuring your site is up-to-date, functional, and secure

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Website Optimization

A one-time site tune-up focused on improving overall performance and user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are development hours and how many can I use?

Development hours are dedicated hours during which the developer performs tasks related to content, layout or integrations. You can use up to 5 development hours monthly for small content and layout updates, and simple integrations.

Yes, per the client’s request, we can provide detailed reports that outline the maintenance activities performed.

Turnaround time for small websites is approximately 3 business days, while for medium to large websites it can be up to 2 weeks. Custom package also includes a variable time range, starting from 1 week, depending on the complexity of the process.

We use a combination of tools and technologies, including performance testing tools, content management systems (CMS) optimization plugins, SEO tools, custom written scripts, and security plugins, depending on the specific needs of the website.

How Do Pricing and Billing Work?

Website maintenance is monthly commitment to ensuring your site is up-to-date, functional, and secure. There is a 3 month contract for this package. Website Optimization is a one-time site tuneup focused on improving overall performance and user experience. This is a one time purchase, and we can provide on going optimizations per clients request.
See more in pricing section

We do, for more complex websites. Those will be quoted as they come in. A custom plan means a custom quote. Schedule a call us a call if you want to talk shop
Can you handle emergency website issues and downtime?

Yes, we have a support team available to address emergency issues and minimize downtime, ensuring that your clients’ websites remain operational.

Yes, we can. We kindly request our clients to share any relevant information they have, aiding us in diagnosing and resolving the issue promptly. Regrettably, since this issue stems from actions taken without our oversight, the rate for that month will be doubled.

How do we get started with white-label website optimization services?

To get started, simply reach out to us through our contact form or email. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to assess your client’s website and create a tailored optimization plan.

White-label website optimization services allow you to provide your clients with improved website performance and user experience without having to develop this expertise in-house. That allows you to focus on core business activities while entrusting the technical upkeep of your clients’ websites to experts.

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