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So, what do I actually do? Inside the day-to-day of Shortlist’s Founder

At Shortlist I have a fairly unique role. 

Firstly, I’m one of only 2 fully remote team members, the other being our designer, Monika. 

What Monika does is pretty clear – because basically she makes everything beautiful.

Therefore, no one really questions her contributions. 

My role, on the other hand, is pretty nebulous – sometimes I even have difficulty defining it. 

So what do I actually do? 

Well, I jump around…a lot. 

The short answer is that I do whatever it is that I think is a priority and is within my capabilities.

But that’s not much of an answer, is it?

There are some consistent things that pop up week after week, so, if you’ve ever wondered what a founder of a 7-figure marketing agency does, this article might give you some insight. 

Spoiler – it’s ironically, (and perhaps even somewhat shamefully), very little digital marketing.

Sales Calls & Presentations

By and large one thing I have almost always done is being an active participant in our sales funnel. This means whenever a new lead signs up to hear about Shortlist, there’s a high probability that I am one of two people on that call (the other usually being Darko or Viktor).

Like anything, there are exceptions. 

For example, sometimes the lead schedules a call at a time that doesn’t fit my schedule. 

But I’m on most of them. 

And I think it’s nice that people talk directly with the founder. Shortlist is about being boutique and not feeling like a super large agency where you’re just one of a million clients. 

We aren’t the smallest agency, but, we want our clients to feel that they are in a small group and getting personal attention. 

In fact, a lot of outreach is still done from my personna, and so people expect that they’re going to speak to me when they schedule a call (and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them).

Unfortunately, I’m rarely able to keep up with all our clients post sales process – it would take 100% of my time, and we have some great account managers who do that. 

But when it comes to welcoming a new lead, and eventually delivering a presentation on our services, I’m there.

Internal Strategy Meetings

I’ve never been a huge fan of having a lot of meetings. 

The two years I spent working a corporate job, during which I attended many meetings and said very little, left a strong impression on me. 

At Shortlist, I try to batch the majority of our internal meetings on Tuesdays, back to back. 

There’s usually 4 of them and in the past I used to run them myself for a few hours. 

Recently, though, I’ve delegated these to capable team members, but, I am definitely attending them and providing my feedback. 

Beyond meetings, I work with each of the department heads to provide them prioritization and direction. After all, there’s so many things we could be doing at once, someone has to set the vision and mission to steer the ship. 

Copywriting & Editing

The bane of my existence is probably editing, and it’s surprising how much of it I do. 

It’s not necessarily because the team aren’t native English speakers – although that’s a part of it. 

But there’s a particular voice and style that I’m quite partial to and it just so happens to exactly resemble my own. It’s met to be casual, informal, and genuine, and it’s important to me that it’s reflected in the content we produce. 

Marketing can so often have a sleasy and/or bombastic tone – promising the world (and delivering little). I’m highly triggered by it and I want to make sure it has no place at Shortlist.

As a result, I’m often spending quite a bit of time editing things like:

  • Sales presentations
  • Outbound emails & replies
  • Blog articles
  • Landing pages

Among other things. 

Surprisingly, even if it’s just utilizing my own voice, this takes a considerable amount of time and focus and thankfully the team isn’t only my time zone so I usually have uninterrupted hours in the afternoon to dive into this work. 


Networking has never been my forte, but, I’m trying to step up and make it a larger part of my role. 

That’s one of the reasons why we started Philly Tech Entrepreneurs, a community for Philly-based entrepreneurs that has regular events.

I organize and attend almost all of those events, and while they’re not directly promotional for Shortlist we are a community sponsor and it’s an opportunity for me to discuss more about what I do and how we can help community members with growth. 

Beyond that, I’ve been engaging quite a bit on Linkedin as well as appearing on podcasts in an attempt to invest in personal branding more and more, which will presumably benefit Shortlist by association. 

And while I know it’s not very cool these days to do things without AI, I actually write that content (much like this article), myself.

Culture & Transparency

Despite being a team of around 20, we don’t have an HR department or a defacto head of HR. 

Luckily, we rarely have culture disputes and most of the internal benefits policies regarding vacations, raises, etc have been established. 

Nevertheless, there are things that need to be done to keep the team motivated and engaged (not to mention a yearly team retreat that has to be planned). 

These are collective efforts mind you – it’s not that I do everything myself, but, I’m definitely playing a key role.

In particular, one thing I do every month is deliver the State of the Business meeting, which goes out to the entire team and is typically and hour long presentation about the ups and downs of the previous month. 


One of the pitfalls of everything I wrote above is that I rarely get to do much digital marketing. Of course, we are trying to grow Shortlist and so in that regard, I play a key role in defining that strategy and to a degree executing it. 

But I work with very few marketing tools directly these days and am less aware of new ones coming out.

Luckily, for the time I don’t spend doing that I get to spend time doing more of what I actually like, which is helping the organization run smoothly, efficiently, and hopefully, grow.

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