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Rapid Prototyping Company Achieves 10x Organic Keyword Growth

The manufacturing industry is marked by constant technological leaps, and therefore, the business climate is always competitive. 

As things stand, the industry is projected to reach a value of over 15tn by the end of 2024 which further indicates the competitive nature of the industry.

On that note, organic traffic generates the most leads for manufacturing companies coming in at 69%.

And given that more than 75% of visitors do not go past the first page on Google, the need for online presence is even more underscored.

The Client

This Shortlist client is a rapid manufacturing company. They operate with state-of-the-art headquarters and production facilities located in China, complemented by an operating office in New York. 

Renowned for their commitment to quality, they specialize in providing top-tier rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services, such as CNC machining, rapid tooling and injection molding, sheet metal prototyping, plastic and aluminum extrusion, vacuum casting, pressure die casting, and 3D printing.

Partnering with our agency marked a pivotal shift in their digital strategy. With a domain rating lingering at a modest 42 in 2020 and less than 2k organic keywords, they recognized the urgent need to amplify their digital footprint so as not to fall behind the competition. 


Our campaign starts in January 2020.  

After carefully assessing their goal, we proceeded with keyword mapping to identify the long-term high-value keywords that we need to rank for and also to create clusters of short-mid term keywords that we wanted to establish a position for.

Following the keyword research, we began prioritizing the first tier of pages, particularly service pages, which are associated with critical “money keywords” essential for our client’s success. 

Besides that, they also employed our services for: 

  • Content optimization: To further boost our client’s organic search performance, we performed a content optimization. In this process we ensure that relevant keywords were effectively incorporated into the targeted pages (service pages and well-performing blog posts), addressing identified content gaps and making sure that the relevant pages had the required keyword density. This process strengthened our client’s on-page SEO and allowed us to rank for the targeted set of keywords more efficiently.
  • Content creation: We identified content gaps that could be addressed to engage the audience better. We crafted a content calendar, complete with keywords, titles, and outlines. In this case, our client opted to create content in-house, leveraging the industry expertise of their team members, including the founder.

The Results

Organic Keywords

The client achieved a remarkable 10x growth in organic keywords, from 1,775 to 17,384 during our partnership.

Additionally, we enhanced their search engine rankings by pushing 888 keywords into the top three positions on Google. Considering they initially had only 40 keywords in these top slots prior to partnering with Shortlist, this represents a remarkable boost of 2120%.

To protect client anonymity we are unable to reveal the specific keywords, however, some notable ones are:

  • Keyword 1: This leading keyword, with a monthly search volume of 400, now brings in 139 targeted organic visitors per month. This is a significant increase, as prior to the partnership, it contributed no organic traffic.
  • Keyword 2: With a search volume of 900, this keyword contributes 129 targeted organic visitors monthly. 
  • Keyword 3: Despite a lower search volume of 250, this keyword still yields impressive results, bringing in 95 targeted organic visitors each month.

Organic Traffic

Our client’s organic traffic swelled from a modest 2K to nearly 40k by 2023’s close. 

If the client had chosen to pursue a paid advertising strategy, the financial investment required to achieve the same level of results would have been significantly higher. Instead, opting for our SEO-focused approach proved to be a much more cost-effective solution for them. 

Domain Rating

Perhaps most striking was the leap in our client’s domain rating (DR). From a solid 42, it vaulted to an impressive 66 by the end of 2023, which speaks to their growing influence and credibility in their field.

A Surge in Digital Engagement

Google Search Console confirms our Ahrefs charts, whereby the overall number of clicks has experienced a significant increase, rising from 53.2K to 83.9 K. 

Furthermore, the client’s digital exposure and reach have significantly improved, going from 9.4 million to 13.7 million impressions. 


The journey of this rapid manufacturing company, in partnership with Shortlist, stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed SEO strategy. The journey from a modest beginning in 2020 to a commanding presence by the end of 2023 speaks for itself. 

Let’s summarize the key achievements:

  • Organic traffic surge: The company witnessed an exponential increase in organic traffic, from 2k to upwards of 38.5k by the first month of 2024. 
  • Keyword optimization success: The strategic focus on keyword research and optimization paid off with the company ranking for over 17K keywords. An astounding 2120% increase in top-three Google rankings (888 keywords).
  • Enhanced domain rating: The domain rating increased from 42 to 66 within three years.

Clicks and reach: The number of clicks skyrocketed from 53.2K to 83.9K, while digital exposure expanded from 9.42 million to 13.7 million impressions.

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