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From Meetup to Movement – How We Reignited the Tech Community in Philadelphia

With Philly Tech Entrepreneurs or PTE, we are not aiming to create just another community, but a space that allows Philly-based entrepreneurial people in tech to gather and create a tree of opportunities where each branch leads to chance.

But, let’s be frank, PTE wasn’t always what it is today.

Previously, PTE was a Meetup group with around 400 members, but COVID had the final say and it was sadly inactive.

However, the Shortlist.io CEO – Dave Schneider – his team, and the PTE community felt like the entrepreneurial community in Philadelphia had much to offer and decided to kickstart it again.

Revitalizing Meetup Events

As mentioned, the gap COVID left in the Philly entrepreneurial community was palpable. And it was the impetus that led to our simple yet bold idea: rejuvenate our sleepy meetup group. 

But how? 

We kicked off by creating a LinkedIn profile and began with an outreach target. Young, spirited tech pros in Philly who were eager for community.

And we started getting some serious traction.

It was clear we had struck a chord. 

This encouraged us to organize an introductory gathering at one of Philly’s well-known spots—a place where connections could be made and ideas could flourish. 

The turnout was more than just good; it was a sign we were on the right path. To keep this momentum, we didn’t just rely on one platform. 

We branched out, using Eventbrite and PhillyStartupLeaders.org, to make sure our call reached every corner of the community.

Nowadays, our events are booming. They typically attract dozens of Philadelphians, occasionally drawing in over 50 attendees. According to reviews on our Meetup Page, these events are well-received, boasting an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

We aim for our events to be free so that we can gather the heart and soul of the Philly tech space. But, sometimes there is a low entry fee of $10, just to keep things moving and to support community growth.

How We Found a Way To Give Everyone a Voice

As months rolled by and a few successful events were under our belt, we realized that while events were great, the conversation needed to keep going. 

That’s when our Slack channel came into play. 

It became our virtual roundtable. Here, the community wasn’t just talking; they were engaging—sharing updates, and resources, and more importantly, they were helping each other grow, daily.

And, we love the freedom our Slack channel brings to the table. Each member who has an idea or wants to host their own event can pitch in and get support. That’s when we realized that this channel wasn’t just another tool; it was becoming our community’s heartbeat. 

If you want to be a part of a fast-growing community that moves forward, together, then join right here and post an intro and you will get greeted.

Seeing this vibrant interaction, we were motivated to do more. The enthusiasm from the community inspired us to keep the events coming, each one growing in diversity and richness. It was clear we had created a space that was more than just a network; it was a community eager to collaborate and innovate.

Growing Our LinkedIn 

Our Slack was booming, but we wanted to leave no stone unturned. We were keen on growing our LinkedIn to share the good word of our community as a whole. Active invitations and promotions led to the LinkedIn page growing beyond 500 followers.

PTE LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, we post regular updates and if you want to be kept in the loop, follow us!

PTE LinkedIn post

Podcast Launch and Promotion

Slack conversations were keeping our community tightly knit! But we didn’t want to stop there. We knew we had to keep up with the digital age. 

To that end, the PTE podcast was born. Every Thursday, a new episode goes live on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, each complete with a custom thumbnail, intro, and outro, making our content not just informative but also captivating. 

We made sure to announce each episode on Slack and LinkedIn, keeping our community in the loop and engaging them with every soundbite.

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