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How a Fashion ERP Provider Increased Their Organic Traffic 527%

A carefully crafted content strategy is paramount to ensuring you are addressing all parts of the funnel (top, medium, and bottom), while also creating valuable content for the reader that will rank and generate traffic.

Our Client

Our SaaS client is one of the most famous providers of enterprise resource planning systems in the fashion industry. Their software is regarded as one of the best as it is tailored to the fashion industry and has a wide selection of integrations available.

When we started their campaign, their organic traffic was quite low, barely reaching four figures a month, and they struggled to produce engaging content that delivered tangible results.

Indeed, 13% of marketing leaders report that content strategy is their top challenge. But, we also know that 76% of businesses say that content marketing brings an avalanche of leads through their front door.

The difference is having an effective strategy.

Our Strategy

The key to an effective content strategy is to make sure that it is

  1. Regular
  2. SEO optimized
  3. Supported by links
  4. Guided by quality keyword research

If you check these 4 boxes, you likely have a winning approach!

In the case of our client, given their budget and goals, we recommended the following: 

  • 5 newly created and SEO-optimized articles per month
  • Monthly content audit and optimization on a few underperforming existing articles
  • 6+ backlinks to support our high-quality publications

At Shortlist our process is quite thorough.

We start with a keyword research phase, where we discover underdeveloped areas: identifying the keywords for which our client doesn’t rank.

With our findings in hand, we proceed to the creation of a detailed content calendar, typically covering 90 days. This will serve as our blueprint for the coming months, detailing the creation of pillar posts and their supporting articles as well as which keywords will pair well with topics.

From the content calendar, we create a well-researched outline for each article to guide the writer on how the end result should look. Upon client approval, we chose the most suitable writers from our team, empower them with quality tools like SurferSEO, and produce. 

As articles are published, our SEO team secures high-quality backlinks optimized for the target keyword to give our newly produced articles the authority to rank. 

Lastly, we conduct a content audit to determine whether old content was holding back both the blog’s and domain’s performance and, when we find opportunities, optimize it with SurferSEO to rank better.

Example blog post before:

Example blog post after:

The Results

Ranking content takes time, usually on the scale of months, but our client saw an almost immediate and consistent upward trend; ranking for more page 1 keywords and generating more targeted traffic. 

Let’s take a look at the other substantial improvements they have enjoyed after we started writing and optimizing their blog posts.

Referring Domains:

  • Start of campaign: 173
  • March 2024: 921 (+432%)

Average Organic Traffic:

  • Start of campaign: 832
  • March 2024: 5,209 (+526%)

Total Organic Keywords:

  • Start of campaign: 1,373
  • March 2024: 6,423 (+368%)

Leveraging our expertise, we’ve revitalized our client’s domain and blog, infusing it with vitality and relevance. 
Now, they boast not only one of the best ERP tools around but also a blog that stands out in the industry, skillfully generating quality leads through the door via 550+ keywords on the first page of Google!

Let’s get you Shortlisted to the top!

We help boost revenues for businesses like yours through proven strategies that will turn your website into a lead-attracting, profit-generating machine..

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