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How & Why We Clean 5000 Emails Per Month With Cleanify

So much goes into a successful outbound campaign. 

From identifying the prospects, to finding their email addresses, to setting up and launching campaigns on outbound tools. 

Rarely in this process do people discuss the critical step of verifying email addresses – assuming that whatever they uncover is accurate. 

But this is a massive oversight that can lead to negative consequences regarding domain health.

Therefore, in this somewhat niche article, we’re going to explore this very specific (but integral!) part of our outbound process. 

Recognizing the Need for a Game-Changing Tool

Our burst into the scene regarding outbound marketing began as a strategy and motive to grow our client base. Initially, outbound efforts were a test to establish grounds, which quickly proved fruitful, accounting for over 30% of our client acquisitions. 

As we scaled our outreach, the challenges grew, leading us to confront a pivotal challenge in our business operations.

How can we keep our inbox and domain healthy while making sure we are contacting proper business email addresses?

And unhealthy domain has massive implications for the deliverability of your campaigns i.e if you’re not contacting the right people and ending up in spam, you are quickly identified as a sender who should be ignored by whatever algorithms dictate email deliverability.

This is essentially the nail in the outbound coffin.

But scaling our outbound efforts while ensuring our emails reached the right inboxes and maintaining our domain’s health was far from straightforward! 

During this time of discovery, our emails often missed their mark and our response rates dipped. 

This is where a robust email verification tool capable of refining our approach and amplifying our campaigns came into play. 

Searching for the Perfect Fit

Our extensive search for the ideal email verification tool led us to evaluate several options, from NeverBounce to ZeroBounce and BulkEmailChecker. 

We weighed factors like price, reliability, and effectiveness, aiming to find a solution that was both cost-effective and impactful. And while many tools caught our eye, for our needs one clearly stood out!

Choosing Cleanify and Integration into Our Workflow

Cleanify emerged as our solution of choice for several reasons. Unlike other tools we considered at first, Cleanify offered the best blend of affordability, user-friendliness, and features that aligned with our needs. Plus, it seamlessly integrated into our workflow, serving as the final checkpoint before we launched our outreach campaigns. 

Our process involves compiling potential leads, finalizing our lists with all necessary data, and then verifying emails with Cleanify before deployment.

Cleanify’s precision in email verification was unparalleled, ensuring we focused our efforts only on valid addresses. 

On top of that, Its cost-effectiveness, coupled with remarkable stability, made it indispensable for navigating our outreach campaigns without a hitch.

A Drop in Bounce Rates from over 5% to Under 2%

Integrating Cleanify led to a notable decrease in our email bounce rates, from a concerning 5+% to a manageable sub-2%. 

It might not seem like much – but it makes all the difference.

To that end, our campaigns can bear more fruit, reaching a larger portion of our outlined leads which of course, translates to a more captivating interaction with our prospective clients as we improve our opportunities to spark interest and drive action. 

Earning Outreach Success through Email Verification

Cleanify has become more than a tool; it’s a vital component of our approach, ensuring our outreach efforts yield the desired results. 

All in all, as we look ahead to 2024, with various significant changes on the horizon for outbound marketing, and the stricter rules that are set by email providers like Google & Yahoo, the need for adaptation will only grow in importance, ensuring our messages not only depart our outbox but successfully reach their intended destinations!

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