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5 Ways We’ve Benefited From AI At Shortlist (And What’s Coming Next)

It’s almost become cliché to say it now, but yes, AI is everywhere, heralded as the next big revolution. Just like everyone else, we’ve been trying to figure out how to weave this new technology into the fabric of our business, hoping it might streamline our processes, increase our output, and cut costs.

At the beginning, I’ll admit, we were just dipping our toes in—curious but cautious. And honestly, while AI has been a useful tool in some areas, I’m not ready to call it the revolution it’s hyped up to be. Not yet, anyway. We’ve still got the same great team, doing many of the things they’ve always done, just with a few new tools to help them along. We’re keeping our eyes peeled, though, watching for any major breakthroughs that we could really capitalize on.

So, here’s the scoop on what we’ve done with AI so far, and maybe you’ll find some nuggets here that could work for you too:

ChatGPT for Event Descriptions

For Philly Tech Entrepreneurs, we’re constantly setting up events, and each one needs a catchy description. Enter ChatGPT. This tool has been a godsend for creating quick, engaging descriptions that draw people in. It’s like having a little creative assistant at your fingertips. 

For instance, we input prompts like, “Generate a compelling 150-word description for a tech networking event focusing on blockchain technology,” and ChatGPT delivers content that we can use immediately or tweak as needed.

OtterAI for Sales Calls 

Our sales calls are crucial; they’re often the starting point for our proposals. In the past, not everyone who needed to contribute to a proposal could make these calls, so we ended up playing a game of telephone trying to get everyone the right information. That’s when we brought in OtterAI. It’s a nifty little service that joins our calls, records everything, and then spits out a text transcript. 

We’re on the free plan—it’s got a cap, but it’s enough to handle our calls. We ensure that critical details from client interactions are accurately captured by prompts like, “Transcribe this 30-minute sales call focusing on key points and actionable items.”

AI for Content Strategy and Article Creation

Now, if there’s one thing AI excels at, it’s churning out content. At Shortlist, we pump out a lot of articles, and AI helps us lay down the basic structure. We still keep the human touch, though—humans do the final edits to make sure everything sounds just right. It’s about finding that balance.

For this part, we use a variety of tools such as SurferSEO and ChatGPT. With SurferSEO, we are able to see where the focus of our competitors is currently. And with ChatGPT we can quickly analyze reams of data.

We start with a template or prompt such as, “Do research on the apparel industry and provide me a list of the latest trends,” which helps streamline our content development process.

We sometimes use it for better formatting outlines. With certain plugins, we can make our outlines clearer and ensure that the writer knows exactly what to do.

ChatGPT for Podcast Clean-up

Every Thursday, we drop a new episode for Philly Tech Entrepreneurs. It’s only 15 minutes long, but there’s a lot that goes into making it sound professional. We record it, transcribe it, and then clean it up with ChatGPT, which does things like tagging who’s speaking and trimming out the fluff. Then, it’s all about getting people excited to listen with a sharp description that ChatGPT helps draft based on the episode’s content. 

A typical prompt might be, “Summarize this podcast episode into a 100-word engaging teaser that highlights key points and guest speakers.”

Final Thoughts 

Reflecting on all this, AI hasn’t turned our world upside down, but it’s definitely made certain aspects of our work smoother and more efficient. We’re still learning, still trying to figure out the best ways to integrate these tools without losing our personal touch. It’s all about planting the right seeds now, hoping they’ll grow into something that really transforms how we work down the line.

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