Clients love us because we're growth partners, not salesmen.

Why Shortlist

Simple! Our mission is to become the #1 outsourced marketing un-agency on the internet! The kind that WON’T rip you off. ; )

What’s an outsourced marketing un-agency, you say? Well, we’re the antithesis to your run-of-the-mill agency that oversells and underdelivers.

Lately, it’s been about closing the biggest contracts. But what about making the biggest impact for clients? Our goal is to get RESULTS that will make clients HAPPY without overpricing.

Feeling skeptical? Work with us, and see the difference between getting marketing partners invested in your growth, versus salesmen invested in milking you dry!

Our Core Values

These are the principles that guide our work ethic.

In transparency, we trust

Be honest. Stay ethical. Avoid pain later.

Fail fast, quit never

Get it done fast, fail fast, improve faster.

Follow data, NOT opinions

Do we really need to explain that? ; )

Launch small, ship fast

Just bite off exactly what you can chew.

Test, improve, repeat

Keep testing, keep improving.

Happy clients, good business

It really should be that simple.

Our Team

The gorgeous, talented, reliable human beings that make business owners sigh and FINALLY get a good night’s rest.

Making Clients Smile From All Over The World

Thanks to technology, we can reach out a digital hand to grab all the best talent we can find, wherever they may be in the world. And through that same technology, we can put all our collective talents to great use by producing results that will make our clients smile, wherever they may be in the world.
Our team is a global family.

And though we may be global, we are all united in our single-minded understanding of this simple fact: If we don’t have happy clients, then we won’t have a business. At least, not for long.

We have been working with Shortlist for over 6 months now and we are really happy with their link building service. They have created a number of high-quality, relevant links for our website They have all the expertise and know-how! We just pick the pages we want backlinks for and they execute the strategy from beginning to the end.

GQ Fu, co-founder of LTVplus

Shortlist helped us improve our online visibility and get more relevant traffic from audiences that match our niche perfectly. I strongly recommend Shortlist to anyone who needs a transparent, efficient but most importantly an effective approach to SEO.

Leonard de Freitas Nielsen, Online Marketing Manager at Pixelz

Ready to partner up with expert marketers truly invested in helping you grow your business?

Then work with us! We’re fun, too. ; )

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